I like it loud. I used to be a real metal head, but as I got older I learned to appreciate different styles of music. My Kef speakers I bought from a tax refund in 1992. The're now a part of my home cinema system. While I'm writing this they produce the lovely sound of Thomas Dybdahl.
I love gadgets, but I don't buy many of them. Lack of money and good upbringing prohibits this. But a gadget can become a necessity. Like this Philips HDD mp3 player. Since I bought it from a collegue I can't think of an mp3-free life. On the right there is a wireless headphone set that I use when I sit in the garden. As i said, I want my music loud. Thank to Jeroen, who also likes gadgets and actually buys them. ;)
Around 1998 I rented out a room to international students. Some French chick moved out very soon after she moved in. Then came a girl from Italy . She gave me this paper bird when she left. I have forgotten her name. I remember filling out her taxes after she left. She was pretty cool. I think she was from Padova.
Another leftover from former roommates. This poster from Galerie Alain Blondel Paris was in this house when I came here . It features a well dressed and probably goodlooking man. Don't know for sure, because his head is missing.
My grandpa, opa Stokking, gave me his pocket watches when I was a child because I always wanted to look at them. They are engraved with his name. He told me never to sell them. Don't worry grandpa, I won't. He died years ago but this watch still runs! The link is about the estate where our farm stood and where he lived all his life and I grew up.
Ha, Marsupilami! This is one of my 4 Marsupilamis. My sister got me two, but I don't really remember where the other two came from. In the background is a card with a comic by Floor de Goede. He's really good, really funny and really gay too.
Hey, there is Moby again. The wooden image in front of this picture I got from Remco Dekker, my good friend who sadly died in 2001 in a car accident in Costa Rica. I still miss him very much.
I love beer and I love Breda. So what is cooler than Breda Beer? Too bad they don't sell this in the Netherlands. I used to works, during my student years, at the Oranjeboom brewery. That's where I got my hands on this item.
This zodiac curtain I bought at the Dynamo festival, years ago. I went to this festival a whopping 13 times! Seen hundreds of bands... Those were the days. Thanks to my mom who turned this piece of fabric into a curtain.
A piece of coral I found on a beach in Costa Rica. I went there to visit Remco in 2000. We had a blast. I got my Padi there! The coral is shaped like Africa which was on the other side of the same ocean.
My Denon amplifier is really cool.
I am a huge animation fan. I love all the Aardman stuff (Wallace and Gromit ring a bell?).  Also comedy, thrillers and art house movies. I don't buy many movies, but I watch a lot of them (downloads, cinema or rented).
I have (too) many cds. Music is really, really, really important to me. A hobby that got a little out of control I guess. I can't play a single instument, but I know every button on my cd player. And besides, who's to say that 2.000 cds is too much? :)
In 2001 some friends and I organized  Art Festival De Eigewijze in Breda. It was so cool! But sadly it didn't last. In the picture you see a huge painting of the festival logo by Klaartje Scheer. I did the website and all other publicity. In only two months we organized this three day festival. Can you say rsi? :(
It's difficult to see what this is, but it is an old lamp shade made of glass. I used to have two, but my father broke one. When you put a little candle inside it radiates warm light. It used to be a ceiling lamp in my grandmothers living room. Reduce, re-use, recycle I say. It is in front of the window, you can see the seat of my bike outside.
Call me nostalgic. Call me conservative. Call me stupid, but I didn't ask for the Euro and I want my Guilder back! That is not going to happen... I should change this change and buy something cool with it... someday.
This is a really old pair of Lotto shoes that I use as slippers when I have to go outside into my garden and I don't have shoes on. I used to play indoor football (soccer..) in these. Nowadays I unfortunately can't play football anymore because my right knee is busted. I used to play for Avanti in Twello and for PCP in Breda. Good times... I can't wear slippers because my brother is the slipper king in the family. :)
Useless, heavy and mostly in the way. This is an old pulley-block (yes I had to look that up in a dictionary) that one of my roommates, Remco Visser, left behind when he moved out. I have no idea where it came from but it looks 'authentic'. We've lost contact...
It isn't really 'in' my room, but I can still see the kitchen from the room, so I will include this one. My kitchen is pretty big and even fits a picknick table. Come try out my cooking sometime...
I've been working for Digital Playground, a project of Hal 4 in Rotterdam, since 2001. I'm lovin' it.
I am a certified uncle now! Yes, Jorn is my first nephew. Lots of hair and lots of noise, but he is really cute. Come on Wilma, email me some photo's!
In 1991 I did practice at Tivoli, a music venue in Utrecht. I walked to Tivoli from the station every day. In a shop window there was this old telephone. When my time at Tivoli ended I bought the telephone as a reminder. It rings much louder than modern phones, so I still use it as a bell only.
In a frame on my wall is a picture of an album cover by Eric Larnoy. He is a french painter, but he died of aids. This cover is of an Heir Apparent album. One of my favourites of all time. I even wrote to the label to get in contact with the artist, but he had already died.  He started a comic series called Thaneros, but didn't get to finish it.
I enjoy a nice drink every now and then. Whiskey is my favourite alcoholic beverage. But a nice glass of vodka & tonic is also welcome. Thanks to Dare ;) Howzit babe?
Some passes from different events. Breda Barst, Rosie Lee Roots and the Berlin Transmediale. This last event was pretty cool, since I got to go to Berlin for free. I gave a presentation (that hardly anyone attended :)  and we, my collegue Valentijn and me, had a fun time in Germany. I will not tell the story of how we got there...
When your parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary you put on a suit and make a picture of the whole family. The uneven number suggests there is a single person in the picture. Yep, me. :(
Mafkees is a cool word. Hence this is a cool sticker. It is also the brilliant name of a hostel in Rotterdam.
I always have a lot of stuff on my desk. Actually, my whole room has a lot of stuff. So you need other stuff to organize your stuff in.  A letter stand that I saved from the thrash when a former employer moved to another building holds some of it on my desk. I'm sure I have another one somewhere. I have to get that out too one of these days. The blue card in the middle of the picture is a camping card from my 2005 vacation in Sweden. Now I get a discount every time I go to Scandinavia. There's businesscards, my passport and priority stickers for international post. Stuff I need to know where it is. I go crazy when I can't find something.. like pens.
Moby keeps returning everywhere in my room (and the rest of my house). He's just.. well... ;)
My dear friend Remco and me in Costa Rica. I am really glad we had this vacation. Good memories. See you in another life buddy!
This is a really big Bacardi rum bottle. I took it with me after a party in Breda around 1990. Man did we get drunk that night. This bottle was already empty. I don't like rum. Well, unless it is really old rum. like Bacardi 8 Años. Bacardi has a funky site...
Edward Norton. My favourite actor. Not just because he is so good... Fight Club, 25th Hour, Keeping the Faith. All great. Apparently there is new work coming up!
Another birth card. Robin is the son of Janneke and Jeroen. Merlijn designs their cool birth cards. The link is his site.
Yes I am a Motor Mouse. I ride a Honda Transalp. A very reliable motor cycle I must say. I've been to Sweden on it this year and it didn't let me down one second. But I do hope I'll have better weather next time. I've never been so wet...
I like art. That is a ridiculous thing to say. There is so much crap art and there are so many different kinds of art, but this graphic artist, Luuk Bode, is really my favourite Dutch ARTist. He also designed the logo for Digital Playground, where I work. Luuk you rule.
I go nowhere without my mobile phone. Samsung E700 rules. At least once a day I see someone using this type of phone. Very popular and rightly so. I apparently listened to the Kubus & Sticks cd today....
I had to resize this one so you'd see more. This is my living room table a.k.a. my desk. My new flatscreen on it. This is where I surf and slam. The link is my current start page.
I have a beautiful, authentic cupboard from Java. I bought it from a flower shop on a corner of the Grote Markt in Breda when it closed down and the owner sold off all the inventory. I had seen this cupboard in the window for years and had been in love with it as long as that. I was told it was used in Indonesia to lock up chickens, but I can't find anyting about furniture like that on the internet. Thanks to my sister Wilma who convinced me to buy it!
I have several hobbies and one of them was photography. I stopped doing black and white photography, allthough I still have all my dark room equipment. This is my favourite picture, so it is somewhere on my wall. It is taken under a bridge across the IJssel river. I like the graphic quality of it. You have to look at it a little longer to see what it is. I should have it reprinted really big someday. I was in a photoclub in Breda. We didn't do much photography, but mainly drunk our teacher's Palm beer. haha.
Sure, central heating rules. I'm glad I don't have to chop wood every day. But I am rather a bit cold than a bit hot. So even though it is almost November, I still haven't turned the heating on after last summer. After some free association I came up with the link for Creature Comforts with this image. You figure out why...
This is a detail of a beautiful painting that was made by Louise Mieras. Years after I bought it (after seeing it at an exhibition) I found out that it is based on the slashed painting Who is afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue by Barnett Newman. It is on dislpay in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
I went to Cyprus around 1995 with Remco who worked for Transavia at the time. It meant a return flight for only 25 guilders! Cool. We had a great four days on the island and I bought this bird in a one dollar shop. How kitsch is it?
I'm not a huge fan of dogs. I have no problem with them, but they drool and sometimes smell just a little too much. This postcard was sent to me by a big dog fan, Wim. He was my pen-pal when I was young and we used to send eachother tapes with our latest discoveries all the time. Now there is internet and this cool way of corresponding is over...
People always give me a lot of crap about this lamp. It looks like a microphone and it is right above your head when you sit on my couch. But the light is perfect for reading. So I won't move it. So stop whining!!
I am online since 1998 when I started working for the ID-NL Group and I got a computer when I signed with them. They used Pegasus Mail. I never used anythng else at home since. It traveled to every new computer I bought since. Thousands of emails I kept in here. Many stories it tells... Internet changed the world, so it changed me, there's no denying.
A vent I saved when moving with a former employer. I'm sure it is really old. It still works but rotates so slowly, you would only have use for it if you put it on your desk. Now it just looks cool...
A detail of the logo of popfestival Breda Barst. The 2004 A0 poster covers a lot of wall. Over ten years of festival fun in my hometown. And I am one of the founders. Sometimes I can be really lazy. There is so much I "have to do" that I don't do much most of the time. This is a good example. Years ago I painted these service-pipes yellow, but the top was rusted because they leaked a little. I called someone to fix this, but I never got around to painting the last bit after that.
You can't really see what this is. It is some kind of wooden stand that a former roommate (Nicolette) made for a school assignment. I painted it black and it has been in my room ever since. I now have a spotlight in it and a speaker (2nd pair of front speakers) on it. I even made a smaller one myself that has the Bacardi bottle inside and a plant on it. Haha, silly stupid details...
There are actually only four books in the whole of my living room. Three of them are dictionaries and the other is this one. At Ease is a photobook of US Marines in World War II. Not the brave war heroes you might expect, but photographs of these men while they are working, resting, playing between battles. A truly great photographic record, from a historic perspective as well as from a aesthetical point of view. It might help if you like men in or out of uniforms... ;)
Some of the more collectible items in my music collection I have on display in an old television (huh?) that is on my living room wall. Pearl Jam promo cassettes, God Machine promo, Tool Salival box, King's X video. They're not all very valuable, but to me they are. Since Ebay I have almost found everything I was looking for.
This little clown is actually a piggybank. I've had it since I was a kid and though it really doesn't go with the rest of my room (house!) it stays. It reminds me of home and being a kid. The link is my old primary school.
Coins of 013 and Mezz in an unused (I am a non smoker.. most of the time) ash tray. Mezz is our local concert venue. Every now and then they have cool bands. There could be more. 013 is THE stage in the south of the Netherlands. The white box on the bottom of the picture holds ear plugs. How fitting...
I am weird when it comes to pens. I have a relationship with several pens I own. I get frantic when I misplace one or I suspect one of my collegues has taken MY pen. I don't know where it comes from, but different places in my house, different bags, they all have a pen that belongs there. Don't touch my Parker, Bic pens are for suckers.
I'm a sucker for Chester too.

From early 1991 to late 1992 I lived in a flat in Breda with Dan and Goof. It was fun but after a year I had to get out. Goof gave me this cup that he bought as a souvenir. I use it as a penholder. Dan is now happily married (as far as I know) and Goof lives in Utrecht. The link is his site.

Funny how the things in your living room, well, my living room, can tell the story of your life, well, my life.
I realized this while drinking coffee and looking around my living room this morning, Saturday October 29, 2005.
A moment of inspiration. I started making pictures.
Nothing in these pictures has been manipulated. This is how my living room and the things in it looked when I got the idea to make this page.
This is where stuff was. This is how stuff looked.
There's something behind everything.
The stories are in the mouse-overs. There is a link under every image.
I wonder what this page wil mean to me in ten years time.

If you want you can email me.